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Food reformulation - overview of activities in Best-ReMaP JA

Stakeholder seminar in Bulgaria

12.09.2023. Sofia

Background and Objective

The Scientific Expert Council on Nutrition, which was recently established as an expert advisory body to the Minister of Health in Bulgaria, has made food reformulation a top priority in its mission to support government policies related to public health, with a specific focus on nutrition. During the stakeholder event, representatives from various organizations, including the Ministry of Health, nutrition experts and industry associations received an overview of the Best-ReMaP Joint Action’s activities, with a particular emphasis on food reformulation. The discussion addressed the applicability of these achievements in the Bulgarian context and identified unique challenges within the national landscape. The insights shared are expected to shape future food reformulation efforts, ultimately advancing public health and well-being through improved nutrition in Bulgaria.


The Best-ReMaP Joint Action has provided invaluable insights that will shape future initiatives in Bulgaria’s public health and nutrition landscape. These outcomes encompass a range of critical areas, with a strong emphasis on food reformulation, the development of nutritional profiles for various food categories, and strategies to reduce the influence of marketing and advertising of foods targeting children.

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