Rome, Italy

Roundtable discussion on Nutrition Safety

Istituto Superiore di Sanità, Italy

22. 06. 2022. Rome

Background and Objective

The event was organized with the primary aim of disseminating the contents and objectives of the Joint Action Best-ReMaP at a national level. This initiative took place within the institutional framework of the Roundtable discussion on Food Safety, under the aegis of the Nutrition Office within the General Directorate of Food Safety, Hygiene, and Nutrition, Ministry of Health, Rome, Italy.
The event effectively served as a platform for the exchange of information with the participants. Attendees represented diverse sectors, including policymakers, academic authorities, scientific societies, private sector representatives, and non-governmental organizations.


Participation in the event generated significant interest among the attendees. Many expressed the willingness to access the final report, which contains the outcomes of JA Best-ReMaP. This report is perceived as a fundamental instrument that will facilitate the initiation of substantive changes within food environments and contribute to the prevention of childhood obesity at both the national and European levels.

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