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Policy dialogue organized by HAS University of applied Sciences (RIVM)

Stakeholder Forum in the Netherlands

March 10, 2023, Bilthoven

Background and Objective

The event was organized to present the focus areas of Best-ReMaP aligned with HAS University’s course called “Creating a Healthy Food Environment.” This course aims to provide students with the necessary skills and knowledge to critically analyze and understand the causes of an unhealthy food environment. It also aims to equip them with effective strategies that lead to a healthy food environment while considering the interests of different stakeholders, such as industry, government institutions, consumers, and non-governmental organizations. The students who undertake this minor will become the future professionals in various fields such as food development, research, policymaking, and teaching. The topics of the event were carefully selected to provide the students with relevant and practical insights that can be applied in their future careers.


Students, teachers and lecturers learned about the aims and activities of Best-ReMaP as well as related research on healthy and sustainable food environments. Through knowledge transfer and interactive roleplay students gained insights in the stakeholders like scientists, and food manufacturers involved in the food environment and were able to comprehend the different stakeholder roles. Students were also informed of the importance of the food environment in achieving healthy and sustainable dietary patterns/lifestyles.

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